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Allen Bourne

Allen is a Texas-based artist who grew up in the stormy wheat, cattle and pumpjack-dotted plains of Northern Oklahoma. An early interest in the communication arts led to studies of photography and a degree in advertising in college—including a news photography internship--followed by a career in ad agencies and corporate marketing. 

Though inspired over the years by the sculpting and painting of the masters, primarily the abstractionists, Allen chose the camera as his brush.

Allen's current work features abstract images of petrochemical tanks in various states of transition. They’re colorful, curvy and entertaining in a modern industrial sort of way, not to mention a total departure from imagery that typically defines the genre. Just the right thing for contemporary homes and corporate environments.

Allen and his wife, Cindy, live in Houston, where they are members of the Museum of Fine Arts of Houston and the Houston Center for Photography. Their shared hobbies include cooking, bike riding, listening to jazz & blues, and enjoying time with their friends & family.

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